How Instant Hand Warmers Work

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How Instant Hand Warmers Work

Hand warmers: Inside the sealed plastic of our instant heat packs, or hand warmers is a liquid called sodium acetate. Sodium acetate is simply a form of salt. There is also a circular metal disc in the sealed bag. When the metal disc is snapped, or “popped,” it releases molecules into the solution, this causes the solution to start to crystallize and solidify the sodium acetate. The chain reaction causes the heating pads to heat up to 130 degrees F / 54 C. Our heating pads, and hand warmers will stay hot for approximately 15 – 90 mins depending on the size. Our heating pads can be used over and over again by recharging them after each use.

Instant Heat Packs and Hand Warmers are Easy to Use

  • Simply flex and snap the metal disc, and you will start the chain reaction. Crystals will start to form, and the heat pack will heat up.
  • To keep the heating pad soft, be sure to knead it with your fingers as it heats up.
  • Now the heating pad is ready to use!

How to Recharge Instant Heat Packs

  • Bring a large pot of water to boil.
  • Place a cloth at the bottom of the pot to prevent the plastic from melting.
  • Then add the heat packs in the pot, and make sure it’s on top of the cloth.
  • Boil until all of the crystal have dissolved
  • When the heat pack looks fully clear again, use tongs to remove them and place them on a towel to cool down.
Now the heat packs are ready for future use!

When recharging the heat packs, it’s very important that you make sure all of the crystals are fully dissolved. If any hard crystals are still present after removing it from the pot, it could start to heat up again. If you notice that the heat packs are not completely clear and liquid, put them back into the pot again for a few more minutes.